Embeddable Forum, Photo Gallery, News, Blog & Other Apps!

All Nabble apps are naturally embeddable!

Yes, with Nabble, you get an embeddable forum, embeddable photo gallery, embeddable news & embeddable blog... and there are more to come!

All these embeddable apps are fully featured web applications. They all have full text search, user profile and access control, email subscription and integration, XML feed, moderation, CSS customization, unlimited uploading of pictures and files, threading, cataloging ... What's more, embedding a Nabble app is as easy as embedding a YouTube video - you just copy and paste a line of javascript code into your HTML page.

You may have seen some embeddable widgets, but Nabble's "embeddability" is far more advanced. A widget runs in a fixed frame, making the content either underflows or overflows (frame scrolling is your only option). In contrast, a Nabble embeddable app adjusts its height automatically and always fit seamlessly into your site.

All you have to do is go to your application, click on "Options > Embedding options" and you will see a text area with a code snippet.

Copy and paste that snippet into your HTML web page. Now open the page and you will see that your forum loads up seamlessly. No installation, no HTML hassle, just copy and paste.

Embedding may have issues with third-party cookies. This can be a problem if the user has disabled third-party cookies or if they are using Safari. To avoid problems, we suggest that you use a custom domain for Nabble that matches your domain. For example, if your website is www.your-domain.com, you could use forum.your-domain.com for Nabble. This ensures that Nabble's cookies aren't considered third-party by the browser.

Users will browse, search, post, and navigate without ever leaving your page. Your embedded application works as if it were custom built, installed, and visually integrated with your website.

Try this feature by creating a new application (e.g., forum, photo gallery, newspaper, blog, etc.) or using any Nabble forum that allows embedding. It is dead easy and seamless.

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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