How can I fix a mixed bulletin board?

In traditional forums, a bulleting board only shows subcategories where users are allowed to post messages. With Nabble, any forum can be displayed as a bulletin board and this might create a strange board with threads and forums mixed in the same list. This situation is not easy to create since Nabble doesn't allow users to post new topics under a board, but you could face this problem if you change a regular forum into a bulletin board format or move threads directly to the board.

A mixed board generally isn't a good idea and should be fixed in order to avoid confusion. Note that Nabble doesn't hide threads in that view because this would increase the confusion among users. It is the forum owner's responsibility to keep the forum clean and organized.

How to fix it?

If your forum has a mixed bulletin board, do the following:

  1. If you have just a few threads under the board, you can move them one by one to the appropriate sub-forum.
  2. If the number of threads is high and moving one by one is inefficient, you should create a new board and move the current forum as a sub-forum of it. You might have to move other sub-forums around in order to rebuild the bulletin board.

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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