Will Nabble delete my forum, posts or anything I have created?

Nabble has a garbage collector process that searches for inactive forums, topics or messages in the database. If you receive an email with forums scheduled for deletion, you have to first understand why they are in that list. The most common cases are:

(1) Your forum hasn't been viewed by anyone recently: If your forum is not dead, you can just save it from deletion by following the instructions on its page.

(2) Your post was removed from the forum: the forum owner (or some other user that you replied to) might have moved your post (and replies) out of the forum. This is different from physical deletion. When a post is removed from a forum, it still exists in Nabble's database and can be found in the author's profile page. Such messages are not part of any forum and are probably not read by anyone. So you shouldn't care much about those messages.

In summary, only root nodes are checked for deletion. This means that only threads that have been removed or inactive root level forums will be caught by the garbage collector process.

Each visit counts

Threads inside an active forum will NOT be scheduled for deletion, even if they don't get any visits for a long time (although other threads in the same forum must get visits in order to keep the forum active). So each visit adds activity points to the whole structure. On the other hand, when a post or any node is removed from the structure, it will become a separated structure with its own activity level.

How deletion works

If your forum gets deleted, the threads under it are not immediately deleted. What happens is that after the forum is deleted, these threads become top level independent nodes and then they are subject to the same deletion process after some weeks. So if a forum owner allows his forum to be deleted, thread starters can still save their threads.

In any case, you can save your forums, topics and messages from deletion by following the instructions on their page. You should also know that you can download the archives of your application by clicking on "Options > Download archives" (if you are the administrator). Click here for more information.

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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